My broken heart

I loved you so much

You were the whole world to me

But in a fraction of second

You stole it away from me

You were my favourite person

And now all I could do is to curse you on

Before the beginning of my fairytale

You broke down my sail

I am broken down into small fragments

Unable to patch up with those breathless moments

I hate all your stupid lies

But those fly like butterflies

I love you so much

And that’s my huge mistake

People say only lovers and friends”

But I say parents can break you heart too..


I didn’t have to fight with you

I didn’t have to fight with you

Its just only me who gets mad now and then at you

I am a bit of short tempered person

And sometimes I get angry without any reason

But now you please get out of your anger and cheer up

Just like you dislike fault in our stars and like knight of cups

Our friendship is not fragile

It won’t get affected by getting mad for a while

So now please throw your anger and smile

And accept this apology of mine…😊

If I die today

If I die today

All of my problems would fade away

My life being a screwed up mess

Would turn into a death case

I am tired stressed and depressed

Maybe after death I’ll be in rest

There are people who don’t want my existence

And people who are close to me have kept me at a far distance

I am in a huge vain 

And I can’t find anyway to end this pain

Dying would be so simpler

As my life is so harder

So if I die today

All of my problems would fade away

But I won’t die today

And will face my problems with a sway

With all worries and hassles

I’ll build my own castle

But if I die today

All my problems would fade away

But if I live today

All my problems would fade one day

And then I’ll be able to cherish each day

So I won’t die today

Coz it won’t affect anyway

I’ll live today with a hope of beautiful tomorrow

And make my life free from grief and sorrow

The only thing which I’ve learnt and is best

Is to live life to its fullest….πŸ™Œ

And all of a sudden we became friends……

I don’t know what I would do that day if you wouldn’t be with me

Probably I would pull my vehicle and then fall and hurt my knee

But by my fate you were there with me

The beauty of the moon and twinkling of the stars

Our friendship is more wide and will go very far

You were always there for me when I needed you the most 

And you are the one with whom I share my coffee and toast

The talks and gossips which we have together

Makes everything fine and better

There was a reason for breakdown of my vehicle

Coz nature wanted to gift me a friend who is awesome

And all of a sudden we became friends

And we will never ever end….πŸ’

I still remember

I still remember the day when we met

And all those beautiful times together we spent

My heart beats faster when I am with you

And the world becomes vaster and more sweeter too

You are the one whom I could see with my eyes closed

And my medicine of a higher dose

Time slows down with you around

And all I could hear is a sweet love sound

Me and you together happily bound

But no one feel the same magic in the air

Of me and you having a fairytale…πŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’πŸ’

If we could turn back time

​If we could turn back time

I would walk every mile

Slowly and clumsily

But very happily

Things would be the same 

As they were before

Standing in the lane

From the side store

When my smile would calm everyone down

Now my cries won’t affect neither my frowns

Wanna go back to the time when nothing was loud 

And my life was a beautiful sound

Wanna be daddy’s little princess and hold his hand

And lye on mom’s lap until she sings a song

My life would be graceful again

If I’ll be able to get my childhood again

It was the best part of my life

Then we just survive

Wish I could throw an ace

And get back those golden days

Just to be a child again……πŸ˜„

For you my dear bestie

When the sun goes down

And the moon comes up with all its might

But with you darkness fades away and turns into light

You are that one special friend of mine

Who is my partner in lies and crimes

You know my fake smile and tears of joy

And together we make people annoy

You are such an amazing person

And being around you is always fun

You mean so much to me

That I run out of words to describe thee

We together can create history

Coz to others we are a huge mystery

I am blessed to have you as my friend

And our friendship will never ever end

The Beauty Of the Pain

Going deep into the ocean

Walking till the sky 

Passing through the stars

That’s how I was living by

Watching the sun shining in the dark 

Neither rising nor setting or leaving its spark

Moving in the space

Admiring the beauty of the moon

Which will fade no soon

And that’s how I spent my noon

Coming back to earth

Its all light up

By people like you who make it worth

Jumping off the cliff

With no fear and grief

I fell down deep into the ocean

Just like when I started the motion

I met the whale who was cold and pale 

I helped her out 

And then we both laughed out loud

I came out of the ocean and went to the woods

Where I met a group of young and old wolves

They were hungry but so was I 

Soon it started to rain 

And I started to run fast with a sway

With the wolves following me on my way

I fell down and got hurt

I was a complete mess and dirt 

With the wolves fading away

I landed on the land 

From where I started all my adventures in one rotation

The land of all love and emotions

Which blossoms like a flower

And never gives anyone a scar

Before this it was all in the vain

But that’s how I realized the beauty of the pain….

When you smile at me…..

When you smile at me

I feel the encouraged and free

When you smile at me

All of my worries fade and die 

This is what happens when you smile at me your smile is so powerful that I feel to live and cherish every single moment more and more . Just by your presence life becomes more simpler and happier but if both of you are not together or someone is missing the whole world goes upside down like there’s nothing in the world left for me and simpler things get complicated and everything just goes out of my hands . They just don’t understand that can’t imagine living a life without them . I love you so much Mom and Dad you both mean a lot to me. I want to stay with you both . When you both smile at me I see 

My idiots…..

Weirdness totally imbibed

Intellectuality deprived

Are we the bunch of idiots

And also are crazy buds

Laughing together

Crying together

Smile together

Wanna live my life like this forever

Our gang is a different

All of us are efferents

I don’t have words to describe you all

And our friendship will never fall…..πŸ’–πŸ’ŸπŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž