When there is no sun

You are my light when there is no sun

You are the rainbow when the rain is done

Love is binded by no lies

And I found it in deep inside your eyes

The trueness of your warm soul

Makes me wonder how do I get so lucky in all

The sacredness of our love is like a precious jwel

The beauty which I can’t tell

I get a smile on face when I think about you

I get shivers and goosebumps when everything is only about you

The blush which comes up on my face

Is because of you O’ darlin’ as powerful as an ace

I love you from the bottomest bottom of my heart

And I never ever want to be part 

You are my morning sunshine 

Who is all mine

You are like those twinkling stars up in the sky 

Shining through the dark night whose beauty never die

Just wanna tell something to you

I am blessed to have someone so special like you 💝


The Taj

Taj the magnificent monument with its pride and esteem 

Built up by emperor Shah jahan with its mesmerizing beauty making it supreme

Flawless and made up of white marble 

Who’s magic can never go dull

An eternal symbol of love and affection 

Where I found my true one to the mere of its perfection

A steady and fixed mark 

Just like the shooting star wandering and never leaving its spark

Those temptness making everyone shaken

Whose worth is unknown but huge heights are taken

Through the dark and light 

Love comes out to be right

I found mine in the place of endless love 

To be the purest sacred and all above…💝