She lost or won ?

Her face was puffy and red

And wet was her pillow on her bed

She screamed loudly hoping someone would notice her tears

But all she got to know was that no one cares

She was all alone over there

Now was like a closed old book that’s disappeared

Smiling and laughing with others was all that she could do

But inside the knives were hurting her too

Now she decided to end this all

Coz now she’s tired to fall

She went to the temple and spoke to god for one last time

And asked for mercy for all those committed crimes

She won’t do this if the pain was little less

But now she couldn’t handle her life being a screwed up mess

She didn’t want to do this 

But she clenched her fist 

And decided to cut her wrist

She fell down with her bleeding hand 

Coz she knew no one’s gonna come for her rescue with a magic wand 

Giving an end to those pains and sufferings she was gone 

No one knew she lost or won?


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