Make it memorable in every way

It was a fizzy storm 

And you’ve survived till today all along

You should smile

While walking every mile

You smile without any reason

And that makes you a very kind person

You help everyone in every situation

And that’s why you are a huge infatuation

Its a very big pride

To be blessed with you as a friend of mine

Sometimes you are a funny mess

But still you are the best

And after a long day today

I wish you a very happy birthday

Enjoy and cherish every moment of this day

And make it memorable in every way…😄


Nothing to call you mine

I can’t say I love you

But I don’t hate you either

You were my favourite person

But you broke me into dozens

I’ve been through so much pain 

But you won’t understand my vain 

Instead of talking to me and having a good chat

You chose to play a game of those ugly bats 

Those beautiful moments which I cherished for a while

I didn’t know that those were so much fragile

Every mile I walked with you was a waste of time 

Now there’s nothing such left , so that I can call you mine

One special person

I’ll be your strength today

Coz , for me you have survived every single day

I held your hand and took my first step to walk

Whenever i used to fall you used to catch me up and laugh

You are the one who taught me how to talk

And be firm as a rock

I remember taking nap on your lap

Which was the best thing I ever had

The shower of your blessing is all I need

And the smile of your’s in the morning is my greed

You’ve shown the world to me

And now its my turn to walk with thee

To the naps ,slaps ,walks and talks I swear

I’ll be with you everywhere


Who loves me without any condition💝

My broken heart

I loved you so much

You were the whole world to me

But in a fraction of second

You stole it away from me

You were my favourite person

And now all I could do is to curse you on

Before the beginning of my fairytale

You broke down my sail

I am broken down into small fragments

Unable to patch up with those breathless moments

I hate all your stupid lies

But those fly like butterflies

I love you so much

And that’s my huge mistake

People say only lovers and friends”

But I say parents can break you heart too..